Hello world, literally

It is is a big cliche to say "hello world" in anything, but I have some point here: This is the very first English post I've written for this website. And I am talking about my current rush on developing some skills for future professional life.

I feel like the countdown has started. The countdown to move back to the Netherlands. It’s not in a few months though, and it still has more than a year to go. However, I am already surrounded with dreams and preliminary plans for about 10 days. Dreams of having a nice job as a front-end developer in Utrecht so that I don’t travel everyday, dreams of choosing the table, monitor, and other hardware for the set-up I would like to have in my study corner at home, and more excitingly, dreams of having completely shoes/sandals-free, barefoot weekends in the summer. I’ve got to admit that I sometimes take this latter dream to a crazier level in which my company allows a dress code without shoes so I go 7/24 barefoot, wow!

Sad news

The preliminary plans are more realistic than dreams in their nature. I mean the plans for arranging the accommodation of the first few “homeless” weeks, arranging the home itself, and searching for jobs. That last one, finding a job in the Netherlands has become my obsession this week. I reviewed my LinkedIn profile, updated the skills section, then went on to fill my Glassdoor profile and make a “react” search around Utrecht. Well, many many of the job posts were written in Dutch, and some of them required a fluency in Dutch. That was sad news for me.

Another sad news was that many job posts require a few years of experience as a front-end developer. In 2010s, I designed websites in Photoshop, I wrote them in HTML/CSS/JS, converted some of them into WordPress themes. As a plus, I used SCSS instead of plain CSS to have a better code in the projects. SCSS made me discover the terminal, and then the npm. That’s it for my front-end experience in 2010. It’s not that awful as it sounds but I admit that it’s not impressive to get a web job in the Netherlands. I’ve been aware of that for more than a year, so I’ve always felt like I gotta do something, learn a new, valid thing and prove that I learned that thing very well enough to get the job. Until now, I only collected books and video tutorials. Now I have few more ideas and strategies beyond that.

Strategies to stand out

It’s impossible that I quit my current job now, find a front-end job in Izmir (where I live right now) and use this experience as a key to the Dutch tech industry. This is because I have currently no time to lose (assuming that it will take time to find a job), I have currently no tolerance for less money (assuming that it will pay me less). A front-end job in Izmir will also probably prevent me from my PhD studies. So, earning professional experience before going to the Netherlands is not an option. I am still a research assistant. I still don’t have anything related to front-end development in my CV. Actually my CV is like a primordial soup: electronic engineering, design studies, creative industries, editorial, web and print design, music writing, and other irrelevant topics.

The only option is to practice on a specific topic. No need to be a generalist here, as I always did previously. I am going to select one of the frameworks and only practice on that particular one. In this case, it is React. I’ve also got interested in TypeScript. So let’s compile the tutorials about these two and follow along. Since I cannot impress any HR with my normal CV, I need to do something original that redirects people somewhere. For example, let me upload the tutorial projects I followed along to GitHub, by creating a coding portfolio. For example, let me write articles about what I’ve learned in this site. Then I can design a CV that redirects people to my GitHub profile and to my website to see my front-end skills.

To-do list

While I feel like the countdown has started, I have been watching tutorials this week intensely, and I plan to get hands dirty in a few days to start a prolific GitHub profile. I also translated this website from Turkish to English yesterday, and I look to complete the unfinished parts such as missing articles from archive (mostly in Turkish) and persona posts (the posts that show up when you click on the “titles that define my life”). I also hope to write posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, mostly on web development.

I’ll keep posting on how the dreams and plans to live in the Netherlands go. If by chance you have read this post, please feel free to write a comment below to cheer up! I probably need that.

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