My showcase for VS Code Extensions

I have 4 extensions installed to show off. Someone else might find these useful, so let's share 'em!

VS Code is my current favourite when it comes to code editors, and it looks like it’s the ultimate one, although I just activated a 1-year subscription to Webstorm at no cost as a student yesterday. I migrated from Brackets to VS Code because the development of Brackets was stopped and almost all the features I got used to were built-in on Code. Then I explored a few more extensions. Let me share the set-up I have.

  1. Auto Close Tag by Jun Han
    It’s so essential that I was thinking of it as a core feature, but it is actually an extension. It closes the HTML or XML (or JSX in React) tag automatically when I press > or / after opening, for example, <div or <img tags. I think I embodied this feature and I can’t get going without it.
  2. Auto Rename Tag by Jun Han
    This is also a very useful one. When you select one “div” from and change the text, the other “div” also changes! Very time-saving, very practical. I use it on the React projects because sometimes I need to change an HTML-inspired-JSX-tag like to an actual component . Didn’t know that it is the same developer with Auto Close Tag!
  3. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets by dsznajder
    When I open a new JSX or TSX file, I just type “rafce” and my functional React component is ready! I also use the snippet for the Hooks such as useState or useEffect. There are lot more to use. See the documentation.
  4. Live Sass Compiler by Ritwick Dey
    The most front-end-ish attitude I had in the 2010s was my use of SCSS in the projects. I don’t heavily use mixins or variables, but nesting is my obsession as I write CSS horizontally and such scenario looks good I think. Live Sass Compiler is an extension from these days. It saved my life from installing Ruby, creating a config.rb file, and type into the terminal to start watching. With this extension I can watch SCSS by only pressing a button. I doubt, however, that I won’t need this on my React project as there is already a compiler involved as an npm package.

Phew, that’s not that much under the spotlight. Here are others that are currently installed but also that I don’t have something to say about:

  1. C# by Microsoft
  2. C# Extensions by jchannon
  3. Deploy (Reloaded) by Marcel J. Kloubert
  4. ESLint by Dirk Baeumer
  5. Live Server by Ritwick Dey
  6. MySQL by Jun Han
  7. NuGet Package Manager by jmrog
  8. SQLite by alexcvzz

I’d appreciate any suggestions of yours in terms of code-writing comfort. I thought I relied on extensions but only 4 of them turned out to be essential for me. Add a comment if you have your suggested extensions installed!

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