is the
tech enthusiast.

I still watch the reviews of mobile phones, display cards, monitors, laptops that I certainly won’t buy. So it is probable that I have a curiosity on where the technology goes. Let’s hope this interest has a positive impact in my life.

Setup talk
My current setup is pretty mobile since I have plans to move in the future. Before that, why have immobile equipment such as a monitor or a desktop machine?

So I use a MacBook Pro 15, 2018 model. i7, 16GB, 512GB, 560X are the specs. An iPad Pro 10.5 64GB with an Apple Pencil accompanies to that. As a mobile phone, I carry a first-generation iPhone SE 128GB.

At home, I work on a small table without an external monitor and keyboard. I don’t set up a setup just because the temporary situation I’m in.

My preference of keyboard and mouse is Logitech’s products with multiple bluetooth channel: K480 and M590. K480 has 3 channels, M590 has 2 channels. That way, in the office, I control all devices on my table with a single keyboard and mouse. There is my laptop, tablet, and the PC given by the university. And a Full HD monitor to connect the laptop. 4 screens at the same time! (including the iPad)

I converted all my cables and peripheral hardware to USB-C, so I rarely use my dongle, which is a Kingston Nucleum.

I don’t have a camera, therefore all photo and video are taken by my iPad and iPhone.

I pay for the software since 2013. I am subscribed to Microsoft 365 and therefore OneDrive, Adobe Creative Cloud and Evernote. I bought a copy of all Affinity Suite in case I quit Adobe one day. I don’t use Final Cut Pro though, since it is priced almost the same as a minimum wage in Turkey.

My preference of the code editor is VS Code.

That's all folks.