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I like the feel of the ground. It gives me joy, makes me feel light and connected to the moment. That’s why I take off my shoes or sandals wherever possible. I walk or run. Sometimes, right in the city center. Most of the time, more like in the seaside towns.

I’m not joking when I say “I run barefoot”! I once ran a 10k in Utrecht Urban Culture Run (2017) and about a 6k in Izmir (Wings for Life World Run 2019). After that, I decided to join a public run at least once a year but then came the virus worldwide, cancelling all of the events. I returned to running in Marathon Izmir in April 2022, next month I joined Wings For Life World Run for the second time again with about 6.4k distance. However, unlike the cloudy 2019, it was quite sunny and the time was at the hottest of the day. Finally, I ran a 5k in Marathon Amersfoort 2023.

That's all folks.