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I’ve always been a math guy with strong sense for words. My interest in magazines lead me to create one. I learned the stuff by publishing Boo! magazine for 8 years. I still yearn for designing a content plan, enhancing other’s articles, writing mine, and reducing errors. I wish I could manage a magazine again!

Boo! Season #3

Produced: 2013-2014
Used: Adobe InDesign
Live: issuu/boodergi (in Turkish)

I published Boo!, the culture and arts magazine, for the 3rd time. This season lasted for 4 issues. Despite being the shortest season, this incarnation of Boo! was the most visually appealing one with the most interesting titles. In the 3rd season, Boo! engaged to the culture industry in Turkey much better than the previous 2 seasons as well. The result was a fresh-looking batch of pages full of interviews with renowned creative people and articles based on the contemporary developments in the culture and arts scene.

We tried to go commercial this time, but it didn’t happen. The top reason for that: I was located in Izmir, not in Istanbul a.k.a. the heart of the culture industry in Turkey. So we finished this journey after the 4th issue.

Below are the cover pages for each issue in season 3:

An average season 3 issue would start with an alternate cover next to an ad:

The contents page with an infographic ad next to it:

News section used to be called “Giriş” (“Introduction”), opening space for more than short news articles. It started with an intro page, having an ad on the left:

An average news page:

News section had some event impressions in a sub-section called “N’aptın Müdür?” (“What’s Up Doc?”):

Some samples from interviews… The last one is from the middle of an interview with the photographer Haluk Çobanoğlu (photo credits from that page goes to him):

Two samples from articles:

And finally, from “Bitiş” (“Conclusion”) section, a review page:

Dergi 5.5 Issue #3

Produced: 2015
Used: Adobe InDesign

During my teaching assistant position at Industrial Design department of Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, I joined the Dergi 5.5 team for its 3rd issue. Dergi 5.5 was an online magazine that showcased works by students and design articles by faculty staff.

I made some enhancements to the overall design of the magazine and completely redesigned the contents page. Let’s start with that one:

I also wrote an article about minimalist sandals:

Section spreads got a small typographic touch to the quotation part, separating the quote and the source from each other.

See the full issue at Issuu (in Turkish).

That's all folks.