is the
music writer.

Heavy metal is the law! However, I cannot play an instrument or do vocals. So I chose the words and wrote for Headbang magazine for 6 years (in Turkish). Most recently, I wrote a book about history of heavy metal in Turkey, to be published in 2023.

Türkiye'de Ağır Müziğin Geçmişi

I started a Facebook page in April 2012 when I wanted to share the digital archive I collected from the internet. The archive consisted of documents such as photograph, news articles, and concert posters/tickets. I sorted them according to their date and all the material became useful to align over a timeline, while Facebook Timeline interface was in its heydays. Name of the page was “Türkiye’de Ağır Müziğin Geçmişi” (History of Heavy Music in Turkey).

After a long time, in 2019, I transformed the project into a trans-media one by opening Twitter and YouTube accounts, and starting its podcast. 2 years later, I finally finished the website of the project after many years of design and development. Finally, by the end of 2021, an Instagram account is also opened. Now in February 2023, its book is published.

I started writing the book in 2021 and luckily, I found a publisher before I actually started to write the book. I was lucky for that. Karakarga Publishing is the publisher and the book is featured in muzikmentor Series as the second book. In two years, I managed to finish the writings and finally I have it published. It’s a great feeling!

Türkiye’de Ağır Müziğin Geçmişi is a music history book that takes place in Turkey and its actors are mainly Turkish musicians. There are also other active agents of the scene such as the listeners, fanzine creators, concert organisers, metal shop owners, etc.

Currently it is only in Turkish. Let’s see if we get an English version in the future…

That's all folks.