is the
visual designer.

I worked as a research assistant at the Visual Communication Design department of Izmir University of Economics for 4 years. I am a self-taught person in case of designing things and I have experience in magazine layout and website design the most among other things such as branding, posters, flyers, etc.

HORIZON – Logo animation

Produced: June 2022
Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects

HORIZON was the theme of the graduation show organised by Faculty of Fine Arts and Design in 2022. My colleague Sena Adali designed the logo and branding for the event. I was requested to make an animation of the logo. Here’s the result:

Posters for VCD

Produced: 2018-2022
Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

I designed posters for events such as workshops, seminars, and field trips which took place in the Visual Communication Design (VCD) department. Here are some of the selected works:

• At this faculty event, organised by VCD, artist Bager Akbay was invited to give a seminar on Zoom. I took “digitising aura” seriously in my design:

• Lak Lak is the traditional event hosted and organised by the students of VCD department. The format is PechaKucha-style presentations: 20 slides, each automatically changes every 20 seconds. That was my turn to design a poster for the event. So I used the iconic microphone and arranged other elements:

• A workshop was organised to prepare the students to join Milano Design Week 2020 as a department. Stefano Cardini from Domus Academy was invited to conduct the workshop. DOGO was there as industry partner. So I designed that one:

• The poster below includes the ears of the famous Dutch rabbit character Nijntje (Miffy) designed by Dick Bruna. Everything other than Miffy was is drawn by me:

mobo – Bike hire scheme in Izmir

Produced: May 2020
Used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

A fictional project made for D&AD New Blood Awards competition in Spring 2020. The brief wanted participants to brand a bike hire scheme in their city by at least designing a logo, a bike and a stand, and a wayfinding system.

Boo! reunion campaign

Produced: Fall 2019
Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

As the Boo! team, we missed making magazines in about 6 years after the final issue in 2014. So we planned a reunion for 2020. I prepared a teaser campaign on the social media. Here is some of the visual material I did for that…

The first teaser was to change the Facebook cover image to the contents page template with the new issue’s publishing date. At this point, I considered that issue to be #5 within the season 3:

After the news about the new issue was out, I switched the Facebook cover to this:

The new issue wouldn’t belong to any season, it would add to the total number of the issues. However, I somehow miscalculated it and didn’t notice the mistake until we published the new one (laughter here). So the new issue was announced as #63 and published as #63, although it had to be #59.

Let’s continue with the Instagram post. It was 3-posts wide in the profile page, the first one being a sliding post:

At the time, I used to criticise other magazines about popular literature as they usually put famous deceased people on their covers to boost the sales. I found a great slogan against that trend: “Yaşayan kültür-sanat dergisi” (“Alive magazine of culture and arts”). I shared another sliding post with that slogan:

I also made a poster about the reunion:

Finally, here is the Open Graph image that is shown every time is shared on social media:

The issue #63 was published with some delay. We have become the club of 30s, so we noticed that making a magazine for free was really hard in our 30s, with lots of responsibility to the life. That makes that effort to be the final Boo! to this date (this text is updated in February 2024). Let’s see if we try one more in the future…

That's all folks.