Hello there – Switch to English

Hi, it's Alper. A web developer with visual communication design skills. And a music historian with a published book. I salute you in English, starting from this post.

Starting a blog is very hard. This is not my first try, in the past I tried that both in English and in my native language, Turkish. I ended up deleting or hiding what I wrote because it was either too personal that nobody would care, or it was not much deep that almost nobody would benefit. This time, I give another shot to do that. So here I am, hello there!

What you see before this post are the articles in Turkish mostly about heavy metal bands. These articles were mostly published in Headbang, Turkey’s best-selling heavy metal music magazine. My personal website has almost always been the showcase of my published articles in several magazines. But for the last few years, I happened not to write for any magazine at all, so it stopped. I feel like I need to change the situation in favour of an up-to-date website. There are two main problems in my personal website:

  • The latest post is from 2016. Come on, we are in 2023!
  • That latest post is in Turkish while the rest of the website is written in English.

The best single solution to these two problems is to write new blog posts in English regularly so that visitors are not puzzled about me.

So, despite having translated this website into English and updated the “persona” posts in the homepage (pages like “web developer”, “editor”, “barefooter”, etc.) many time ago, I finally start a fresh blog. Expect personal stories from me, or, my takes on design and web development. My hobbies such as heavy metal music and going barefoot can also be the topic.

Well, this one is only to announce that I am switching to English in blog posts and start writing regularly. Let’s see you in the other posts. Hello there!

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